How The Walt Disney Company made waves in Greater China

Today’s digital world is all-encompassing and The Walt Disney Company aims to be an intrinsic part of that lifestyle. We know our consumers want choice, they want to completely manage their own lives, their own schedule and, they want their favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars content and they want to enjoy it their own way.

A few years ago, our dedicated Futures Research team uncovered three macro-trends driving lifestyle choices across Greater China. A recognition of increasingly digital lifestyles, preferences for locally relevant content and addressing consumer diversification have become the cornerstone of Disney’s strategic approach to every part of our business.

We’ve often touted that “one size does not fit all.” We’ve had to look at each region across Greater China differently to make sure our marketing strategies were relevant. We’ve made movie titles, character names and movie posters more locally relevant based on different regions. In Hong Kong specifically, our Marvel team partnered with local artists and writers to create a story set in the city, tied to the opening of “Iron Man Experience” at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Through our products and content, we’ve elevated our creative and expanded our consumer base and are even more focused on creating digital touch points and making Disney accessible to every consumer in Greater China.

With the rise of emerging regions in China and a growing middle class with diverse attitudinal and cultural differences, in addition to our offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we’re opening offices in Chengdu and Shenzhen, so that our regional teams can market and distribute our products to every consumer, creating more digital marketing campaigns that speak to the tastes and demands of different groups.

The results are paying off and moving forward, we will continue to invest in research to further understand our consumers and the world we live in today, and anticipate where we need to be tomorrow. We will accelerate our digital efforts with a relentless focus on relevance and quality across every aspect of our business. We will innovate and create immersive and holistic experiences for our consumers, so we can become part of the social fabric of Greater China and beyond.

Contributions by Carol Choi, general manager, The Walt Disney Company Korea and head of marketing, North Asia